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New Source of Standard and Custom Worm Gear Sets for the UK

R.A. Rodriguez is introducing Framo Morat standard and custom worm gear sets to the UK market. Manufactured in Germany, these high-quality yet very competitively priced products are available in large or small quantities. Staff from R.A. Rodriguez have undergone extensive training with Framo Morat, so there is plenty of in-depth technical support available directly in the UK as well as from Framo Morat’s experts in Germany.

Framo Morat has a long history of manufacturing worm gear sets, currently producing in excess of one million gear sets per year, but this is the first time that R.A. Rodriguez has supplied these products to the UK market despite being a Framo Morat distributor for ten years. It is expected that the worm gear sets will be used by UK machine builders for plant, machinery, pumps and specialist automotive applications, as well as for MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) projects. Because the worm gear sets can be custom designed they may be used as direct replacements for other manufacturers’ gear sets, or as an alternative to crossed helical gear sets or other power transmission systems where the drive direction must be turned through a right-angle.

Standard worm gear sets are offered with wheel diameters from 20-135mm, centre distances of 17-80mm and gear ratios from 3:1 to 100:1. Worm wheels are machined from brass, while the worms/shafts are hardened and ground steel. Standard sets are normally available for delivery within two weeks.

Custom worm gear set options

Custom worm gear sets can be manufactured to almost any metric specification, with worm wheel diameters up to 200mm, centre distances from 17-125mm and gear ratios of up to 150:1. Worm wheels can be produced in brass, bronze, fabric-based laminate, steel, grey cast iron or plastic, while the worms/shafts can be in hardened and ground steel, non-ferrous metals or plastic. Note that Framo Morat has in-house moulding facilities for producing high volumes of high-quality plastic worms/shafts and worm wheels. Depending on the specification, custom worm gear sets have a lead time of around six to eight weeks.

Standard worm gear sets feature straight, single-turn worms, whereas custom sets can be specified with straight or hourglass worms, single-thread or dual-thread worms, anti-backlash or backlash-adjustable worms, right-hand or left-hand drive configurations, with bespoke features for mounting the components, and in a broad choice of precision classes. In addition, Framo Morat can manufacture components such as precision shafts, and supply complete sub-assemblies based around its worm gear sets.

Darren Reynolds, the Product Manager for Gears at R.A. Rodriguez, comments: “We have always been impressed by the quality and service from Framo Morat and we realised that there was demand in the UK for competitively priced, high-quality worm gear sets, particularly custom designs. We are very pleased to be supplying the Framo Morat worm gear sets, which complement the smaller KHK standard worm gear sets that we already supply.

“R.A. Rodriguez prides itself on having skilled engineers who can understand our customers’ requirements and help them to solve their design challenges. We can talk to customers about their requirements for worm gear sets, then liaise with Framo Morat’s experts in Germany so that, together with the customer, we can specify the optimum standard worm gear set or create a custom design that delivers the necessary performance at the right price.”

Follow the link for more information about Framo Morat standard and custom worm gear sets and download a brochure. Alternatively, contact R.A. Rodriguez to discuss specific projects.

Posted April 2014

Framo Morat worm gear sets