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Buy STRCPFD5-1000 CP Tapered Rack | Racks

Price (0-9) £195.11 each
Price (10+) £175.25 each
Available 7-10 days from order
CP Tapered Racks Specification
Precision Grade KHK R 001 grade 4
Gear Teeth Standard full depth
Pressure Angle 20°
Material S45C
Heat Treatment Stress relieving annealing
Tooth Hardness (less than 95HRB)

Primary information

Product No. STRCPFD5-1000
Module 0 Shape RD
Total Length 1000mm Face Width 15mm
Height (C) 18.98mm Mounting Hole E 8
Counterbore H 6 Counterbore K 9
Mounting Screw Size M5 Allowable Force Surface Durability N 468
Allowable Force Bending Strength N 2290 Allowable Force Surface Durability Kgf 46.7
Allowable Force Bending Strength Kgf 233 Position Of Reference Tooth 7
Counterbore I 10 Counterbore J 6
Number Of Mounting Holes 6 Pitch M CP5(1.5915)
Effective Number Of Teeth 200 Height To Pitch Line 17.38
Height Big End 19 Height Small End 18.45
Mounting Hole F 50 Mounting Hole G 180
Series Code 132

Secondary information

Price (0-9) £195.11 each
Price (10+) £175.25 each
Available 7-10 days from order

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