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Buy MBSG2-2040L Ground Spiral Bevel Gear | Bevel Gears

Module 2 | 20 Teeth

Price (0-9) £102.74 each
Price (10+) £92.29 each
Available 7-10 days from order
Ground Spiral Bevel Gears Specification
Precision Grade JIS B 1704: 1978 grade 1
Gear Teeth Gleason
Pressure Angle 20°
Helix Angle 35°
Material SCM415
Heat Treatment Carburizing
Tooth Hardness 55 ~ 60HRC

Primary information

Product No. MBSG2-2040L
Speed Ratio 1/2 Module 2
Number Of Teeth 20 Hand Of Thread L
Shape B3 Bore (A) 12mm
Hub Diameter (B) 35mm Pitch Diameter (C) 40mm
Outside Diameter (D) 44.1mm Mounting Distance (E) 55mm
Total Length (F) 28.16mm Hub Width (H) 13.75mm
Length Of Bore (I) 27mm Face Width (J) 14mm
Holding Surface Diameter (K) 25.39mm Partner Name MBSG2-4020R
Backlash Up 0.1mm Backlash Low 0.04mm
Series Code 75

Secondary information

Cone Distance 44.72mm Crown To Back Length 16.02mm
Back Diameter 0mm Inside End Teeth Diameter 30.04mm
Face Angle 30.07° Pitch Cone Angle 26.57°
Teeth Bottom Cone Angle 23.9° Allowable Torque Bending Strength Kgf 2.88
Allowable Torque Surface Durability Kgf 4.8 Allowable Torque Bending Strength N 28.2
Allowable Torque Surface Durability N 47.1
Price (0-9) £102.74 each
Price (10+) £92.29 each
Available 7-10 days from order

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